What is Minihomy Partners that facilitates international stockless e-commerce?

With the pandemic process, the issues of earning money from the internet, e-commerce, stockless e-commerce have become the most popular topics of recent times. In these days when working from home is becoming more and more inevitable, people are looking for ways to earn new incomes. At this point, low-cost dropshipping, which is carried out on the internet, has become one of the preferred methods.


Standing out with its interesting concept recently, MINIHOMY PARTNERS has made it very easy to buy products from Aliexpress and sell to the USA especially. You create your store with transactions that can be easily done from the panel of the platform without requiring much technical knowledge, and you enter the world of e-commerce as well as internationally.

We talked about stockless e-commerce and Minihomy Partners with Ales Taghiyev, the manager of Minihomy Partners, the platform that has attracted attention with its different concept on e-commerce in recent months.

Can we get to know you briefly? If you want to briefly talk about your education and career in e-commerce?

-My name is Alaskar Taghiyev (everyone calls me Ales for short). I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1987 and completed my education in Azerbaijan.

Actually, I have been in the e-commerce industry since 2011. We used to provide Hosting / Domain services before. Then, we entered the HORECA sector and developed the Horeca Life application and brought together HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering) companies and suppliers in an easy way, and then we transferred the project to another company because I wanted to move to a different area.

Minihomy Partners is our new project and we aim to open up to the world with it. The positive feedback we received from experts on this project was both motivating and proud. Of course, I am not alone in this project and I am indebted to Oğuzcan Güler, Ramil Hüseynov, Cavid Hüseynov, Nurhayat Ercan and Emirhan Pervanlar who contributed to the realization of the project. I feel lucky to be working with such beautiful people.



I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the sector that emerged from the pandemic process with the highest momentum was the e-commerce sector? E-commerce, which has already peaked in recent years, exhibits a much more remarkable performance with the pandemic process. Do we have striking current figures on this subject?

-If we look at the statistics of e-commerce in America alone, we see that with a growth of 17 percent in 10 years, it jumped to 16 percent in 3 months in 2020 and 33 percent in total. At the same time, we see that the number of cargo companies is increasing and additional solutions have been put forward.

Here, e-commerce companies have a big role and advantage.

E-commerce is actually a very general topic… Dropshipping has been very popular in recent years… How do you evaluate the point this method has reached in the world today?

-Suppliers in China have been implementing this for many years, this is nothing new. The dropshipping e-commerce model has only been known in Turkey for 3-5 years.

Dropshipping by me; It is the best e-commerce model that can earn a lot with little capital, which I know of without any risk to this day.

Of course, like every other job, this one has its own effort and effort. The most important thing is to be stable, to discover new methods, to be in constant search for solutions.

You have a very interesting concept as a minihomy platform. Can you tell us about Minihomy? Where and how did this idea come from? What are your differences from similar ones?

-Mini Homy LLC is a software company we established in the USA in 2019. To this day, we have developed partnerships with Shopify, Stripe, Payoneer, Mercury, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Buy on Google and now Microsoft Bing.

As for the idea, we noticed something we’ve been observing for a long time, normally we all want to do this individually, but the common problem for most of us was investment and know-how. I give an example; We start this business with 100 people and 97 people join the group of quitters J and 3 other people consistently join the winners group.

Based on this idea, we created the Minihomy Partnership Platform by using our own experiences and strong connections, and we show that we can do this together without establishing a company, paying taxes, paying product and shipping costs. Most importantly, we think and apply how we can make it more fun day by day. J

We know that you add new modules to your system every day. You have various integration studies, especially Google. Could you give a little more detail about your integration studies?

-First of all, we establish strong relationships with the relevant companies so that we can make these updates, and if accepted, we put this idea or concept into practice. We believe that such important integrations will be of great benefit to both us and our partners. We will see this together over time.

What innovations are you planning to offer your members in the near future?

-There will always be innovations, we have to improve as technology develops, and we try to keep up with all innovations.

What is your ultimate goal as a minihomy? Where do you aim to see yourself in 3-5 years, for example?

-Our goal is to be a partnership platform with Minihomy Partners that earns you the highest profit margin on the internet.

We aim to achieve greater success as a brand in the near future.

Why should those who consider e-commerce to earn income from this business choose you? What do you promise to your customers or members?

-As I mentioned before, some expenses and technical information are required for those who want to do this job, but with this project, we offer the opportunity to do dropshipping in a cost-free and simplest way.

There is no limit to your earning on this platform, all you need is to be stable.

Let’s talk a little bit about your service packages? What options do you offer for your members?

It is possible to set up your store immediately and start selling without stock. You can enter the store with one click of the product you like on Aliexpress. No product, shipping, tax costs, no establishing a company, you just pay Minihomy and earn 40 percent net profit from sales.

Our features included in our service package:

40 percent net profit
Unlimited product listing
Aliexpress Chrome Extension
Advanced Management Panel
Special Tracking Code
Facebook Spy
Facebook Pixel
Google Analytics
Google Shopping
Bing Shopping
Instagram Shopping
Facebook Shopping
Fast Shipping
Shopify Payments
Amazon Pay, ShopPay
Paypal (Buy now Pay Later U.S.)
Apple Pay, Google Pay
Training videos
24/7 Support


All these features can be used by paying only 9.90 USD per month. We offer a 7-day free trial period to our newly arrived partners, during this time they can learn about the operation of the system.

Finally, on behalf of me and my team, we would like to thank all our partners who participated in the system.


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